Within the international IndicaSativa Trade hemp fair, the show dedicated to music and roots culture that has always paid homage to hemp by placing it at the center of its art is staged for three days! Warning: the program is being defined and other events will be added!

Dj sets, presentations of new music albums and books, video performances, showcases, red gold green banquets, in pure reggae dancehall black style! Special guests are invited and expected… Here is a first list of names already confirmed!!!!

Friday 14th April – from 2pm to 6pm: “Reggae Vibes”

JUNGLE ARMY: born in Bologna at the beginning of 2008 from the encounter between different musical paths, initially reggae and jungle, to then soon evolve towards more specifically Caribbean sounds such as dancehall and the new Jamaican ragga style; made up of Papa Dome (mc-selecta), King Marco (selecta-beatmaker) and Jahccoman (singer-mc), the trio is immediately characterized by its engaging style, offering a musical show complete with carefully mixed selections and live showcases on both edited and self-produced riddims.

RASTA SNOB SOUND feat STEVE GIANT & PAPALUKA “REGGAE TAKE AWAY 2023”: The coolest reggae party of Spring-Summer 2023! TAKE AWAY REGGAE edited by Rasta Snob, the only Italian reggae magazine, with STEVE GIANT, the Italian reggae ambassador since 1988 and PAPALUKA, dj of Rasta Snob Sound, a listening reggae evening, which traces the history of Jamaican music from 60s to the present day. You can request songs, artists, songs in a sort of live juke box, with STEVE GIANT & PAPALUKA authentic protagonists. Reggae, ska, rocksteady, dancehall selection of great quality with the legendary stall of Rasta Snob Magazine always present … not to be missed !!! And for the occasion presentation of the new book “The History of Reggae in Italy” by STEVE GIANT & ANDREA MANZO! And who knows, MAX ROMEO will not drop by too, before the evening at the Sottotetto Club?

Saturday 15 from 2 to 6 pm “REGGAE MORE FIRE”


SIR OLIVER SKARDY; the mayor of Marghera, the lion of Venice, former leader of Pitura Freska, presents the new video of “Marghera” the super hit of the lagoon band revived in a new guise! last thirty years!

PIER TOSI, the most popular reggae dj in Bologna! He is an Italian journalist and radio DJ, passionate about reggae music. His program, “Soul Shakedown Party”, is dedicated to this genre and has been on air since 1991 on Radio Città Fujiko. He has collaborated with “Alias”, “Liberation”, “Vibes on line”, “Sunny vibes”, “Superfly”, “Rasta Snob”.

LOLLOMAN MoreFire reggae artist from Modena, with his Cime di Roots protagonist of many reggae evenings inna roots style.

Sunday 16 from 2 to 6 pm “BLACK VIBRATION”

DJ TRIX From Taranto by birth but stationary in Emilia Romagna throughout his career, Dj Trix has accompanied the history of Bolognese Hip Hop as a stainless protagonist. At steel wheels since the early 90s, he has been one of the cornerstones of the historic Zona Dopa, a project born within the Level 57 social space, manipulating sounds for the likes of Sangue Misto, Kaos One, Melma and Merda, Dj Lugi, Moddi MC, etc. etc. He has always been known as a tireless dispenser of roots and hip hop culture in many forms, from the organization of historic events such as the 2 The Beat contest, to the foundation of the Trix Shop, a corner in Bologna dedicated to vinyl smacking and a meeting place for enthusiasts .

…and every day:

Resident DJ Labo Sound

Multicolored stand of Rasta Snob Magazine and I-Renzo with his books dedicated to Rastafari

present POT RADIO ITALIA which broadcasts live from the fair and presents the DJ sets, live in live streaming! With Seko, Lampadread, Raina (Villa Ada Posse) and the Duka, founding members of the Aps Right Stuff association and representatives of the reggae scene and Roman radio of the last thirty years!